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My target 50 kms

Preparation has begun

Because I'm not an athlete (by even the smallest margin), I felt it necessary to start preparation for the actual event by building up my walking regime to ensure I have the best chance of success at this challenge.  As such I've spent the last 3 days exceeding the 5km required to meet the challenge.  This does 2 things, builds my fitness and buildings my confidence. 
I have been walking every day but generally average between 3-4kms per day.  So, I am giving myself a challenge to get above 5kms per day.
I'm even setting up my plan B.  On days when weather may prevent me leaving the house, I have a treadmill that will be set up and tested.  I'll be ready for anything!!

It's a real challenge

I've never signed up for a challenge that includes fitness. Fitness, exercise and sport (in general) is not something that gets me motivated.  But, I know how important my health is. Having made this a new priority, I thought this would be a great thing to challenge myself with AND it is for a GREAT cause.  Very excited to be involved!!

Support my efforts to help people with a disability!

This June, I’m taking part in The Bold Move and challenging myself to get moving to support people living with a disability.

It won’t be easy, but I’m getting out of my comfort zone for a fantastic cause. Please get behind me and make a donation to sponsor my efforts as I take on this challenge to allow these kids to get the support they need to give them the best chance at life.

All funds raised will support services at Aruma to change the lives of people and families living with a disability.

Thank you.

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Danielle Stratton


Elizabeth Haygarth

You should be so proud of yourself! Keep it up 👍


David James (dj)

Secret Girls business. So proud of you confronting your fears. Just know all true friend will believe in you no matter what. All our love and hugs. Dj


Joshua Manzanera



Josh 2.0

heh.... without the extra cover.


Mat Want

Go hard!!!!


Dean Martindale

Your got this babe x




Angela Meyer

Rooting for you, Christine, and the Being Awesome team!


Jenny Kristanti

Well done for doing this Chrissie!


Michael Ly

You rock! These challenges are 90% mental strength and you're one of the toughest people I know.


Ken And Barb Messenger

From Mum and Dad


Christine Messenger


Danielle F


Tanya Roberts

Good luck xx


Ashley Morrison


Charmaine Hernandez

You got this, Chris!


Leanne Shepherd

Go Christine!


Matthew Mcgilvray

Go Chris Go!! Great cause! This small donation will take it over $600. Yay!!!