The Cause

How your dollars make a BOLD difference

At Aruma, we never say ‘one-size-fits-all'!

We work with each person we support to meet their needs.

To personalise support takes time, effort… and money. Our customers receive funding from the Australian Government, but their funding is often limited to the mere basics.

And, for our customers, the mere basics are not good enough! We want all our to customers live the life they want, the life they choose.

And here’s how you can help…

Be bold. Be brave. Help people with a disability live a great life! Here are the areas where the money you raise will make a BOLD impact.


People with a disability supported at Aruma to live a great life

Meet Stanley


Supported employees at Aruma that love their jobs

Meet Corinne


Children supported at Aruma to have the best start in life

Meet Imogen