Meet Stanley

The famous Stanley

Stanley’s a born entertainer

He’s a triple threat – he dances, sings, and acts. It’s all just part of who Stanley is. 

His goal is to be famous. Not just your “ordinary, run-of the-mill-famous”. We’re talking Justin Bieber famous! 

So, where did Stanley’s quest for fame come from?

It started at a street market he visited with his dad, Stan. Dad bought a small piano for Stanley, who quickly sat on a bench, turned his hat upside down and started entertaining the crowds. Today, Stanley still loves busking. And people love Stanley, too!

How you can help Stanley

Stanley attends an Aruma social and community participation service in South East Queensland.

Services like this provide people with a disability the opportunity to learn new skills and make new friends. Activities range from art classes, to going to the gym, to horse riding to BBQs, to movie nights – and everything in between. 

Services have to cater to a broad range of people and needs. And that’s where you come in!

By raising more than just a sweat for people with a disability, your dollars will go towards…

Sensory equipment to calm, focus and aid anxiety and other sensory impairments

$200 - $2000 per item

Therapy animals to provide much-needed physical touch, companionship and comfort

$50 - $230

Mobile hoists to make more everyday activities a possibility, such as just going to the doctor

$3000 - $5000

Cooking supplies to build skills that help a person with a disability be more independent

$20 - $150

Art supplies to provide fun and interesting activities that develop motor skills

$50 - $230